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Name:I knew you'd understand
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This is a fan community for Hotch/Reid, from the show Criminal Minds. Anything related to this pairing and/or the characters is welcome: fanfic, discussion, screen caps, icons, graphics, articles, website links, interviews, vids...anything at all. If you're not sure, just ask!

ETA: This comm is for the characters, therefore RPS/RPF (Real Person Slash/Fiction) is NOT allowed here. As of February 2010, there are at least two CM RPF comms in existence.

If you want to promote another comm/blog/whatever (ie post an advertisement for something), please drop either of the mods an email and ask first. Thanks.

Some rules for the community:

*Fanfiction: Fanfic can be any rating from G to NC-17; and we don't care which ratings system you use--either MPAA or Fan Ratings system but we do ask that you please rate all fics. It must have a Hotch/Reid focus--preslash is allowable as is gen that focuses on the Hotch/Reid relationship. Threesomes are allowable, both m/m/m and m/m/f. Any m/m/f stories MUST have a warning to that effect on them, as I (Stacy) do not like surprises. Stories may feature other pairings, but the main pairing MUST be Hotch/Reid. Fiction must be behind a cut with the header outside the cut.

Please use a format similar to this for your header:


*Pictures/Icons: When posting pics or icons, please put large pics (or anything with a large number of pictures included) behind an LJ cut. With icons, if posting more than three, please, put it behind a cut; you can have three icons outside the cut as teasers. If you're providing the actual text of an article or interview and it's a LONG one (more than the entry box size, let's say), again, please use an LJ cut. Don't know how to lj-cut? Then read this FAQ. If you still have troubles, let us know and we'll try to help. Also, please remember to credit your sources, it's the polite thing to do! ETA: With icons, the majority must feature Hotch/Reid OR Hotch and Reid seperately.

*Vids: Fanvids can be embedded or linked. If you're including more than one embedded vid in a post, only put the first one outside of a cut. ETA: Fanvids must focus on either Hotch, Reid or Hotch/Reid. As with fanfic, while the vids may feature other characters, even implying a threesome, Hotch/Reid MUST be the focus.

*Spoiler policy: If you are commenting on something from a current episode of Criminal Minds, please put any anything that may contain spoilers behind a cut; not everyone sees the eps within the same time frame.

*Behaviour: Please be respectful of other people. I'd like this to be a friendly and open community, where we can all post what we think, without worrying we're going to be picked on for our opinions. We hope it's obvious that flaming/trolling has the potential to get you banned.

*ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING! If you post a picture or a video, it must be on your server or an account at photobucket, your lj photogallery or other image hosting service. Violating this rule once will get you a warning, twice? Will get you banned. If you are not sure what hotlinking is or how to post a pic/vid, please ask!

*Have fun! We don't think the rules are too restrictive and we hope everyone can enjoy themselves.

When you join, it'd be nice to know a bit about you, so please, introduce yourself with the following.

Where are you from?
What colour is your hair? (Hey, it's better than being asked your age, isn't it?)
What's your favourite Hotch/Reid episode and/or scene?
Is there anything else we should know about you?

Your friendly moderators are: Stacy(slash_girl) and nebula99. If you have any questions, please, just ask us.
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