14 December 2016

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Hello all, and welcome to the first #HotchReidParty.

Since it's the first, we're not sure how this is going to work, how many people will show up, how long it will keep going, etc. so please bear with us. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them. We like the idea of H/R fans coming together in one place to meet and catch up and squee, so we hope this could be a regular thing. And we hope you feel the same way!

Ground rules: be nice. That's really the big, main one here. You can talk about pretty much anything, have discussions and disagreements, but be nice and respectful. This is a Hotch/Reid community and a Hotch/Reid party, so many or most people here will ship H/R. That said, we are open to anyone who likes Hotch and/or Reid, even people who don't ship it. In return, all we expect is the same courtesy. (Of course this goes for other arguments too: go ahead and talk about whether Reid looks better with short or long hair, but if things get out of hand, just agree he looks gorgeous no matter what, OK?)

Since we figured it might get quiet or awkward if we didn't kick things off somehow, we came up with some discussion topics. One related to Hotch/Reid and one more general getting-to-know-you thing. This week's topics:

- H/R: 'Gifts', for example what is the best gift Reid has ever gotten from anyone? What's Hotch's all-time favorite Christmas gift? How about least favorite? What kind of presents do they like to give/get? What would they get each other? Was it maybe a slightly too personal Secret Santa gift that got them together? Does Reid freak out about the first present he gets Jack after he and Hotch become a couple? And, of course, we can't forget those gifts that are, shall we say, hard to buy and impossible to wrap ;)

- Random: Share something that always makes you smile. Could be anything; a video, a pic, a fic, a site, a song,...Give us a smile.

Have fun!


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