9 April 2017

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Hi folks, this is your pretty much absentee mod...sorry about that.

Anyhow, given the latest changes to LJ/LJ's TOS and the fact that this is all based in Russia now where LGBTQ+ is illegal...and the fact I don't trust LJ's Russian overlords, I'm moving this comm to Dreamwidth. Once I've imported the journal (in the process now; it's taking a while cus this comm is old and I think a lot of folks are moving), I'll be deleting all the posts, removing all members and just leaving a sticky post to say where we've gone (I'm not deleting my personal account nor the comm journals that I run at this point in time, but will be doing the same at both of those).

For those of you who don't plan to leave LJ--you can still read and post to this comm on dreamwidth using your LJ log in although you can't follow it the same way you do here. I recommended DW--they're based in the US and very fannish oriented.

I really didn't want to do this, but as I said, with the recent changes...I really don't think LGBTQ+ communities or people are safe on LiveJournal now.

ETA: It seems the comm has successfully moved to dreamwidth! So, you can reach our new digs here: https://cm-hotch-reid.dreamwidth.org/

I won't be deleting anything for a couple months, at least.


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